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David Thirumur | Keynote Speaker

It's a crime to bore people.

David Thirumur

Keynote Speaker

David Thirumur is one of those people who are born for the stage. His first appearances on stage as a child were as a singer and performer. In fact, he won the “Young Performer of the Year” from India’s “Children’s Film Festival” for two years running at the age of six and seven. During his teenage years, his appearances on stage shifted to acting and drama as he participated in theatre while pursuing a diploma in Performing Arts from the USA.

David Thirmur Brian Tracy Keynote Speaker

By his late teenage years, however, his passion for making a difference through motivation and coaching shone through and he began to take the stage as a speaker and motivator. Yet, he didn’t leave aside his charisma and his stage presence. Rather, he has learned to weave all his performing knowledge together to make his talks and keynotes a memorable experience.

“It is a crime to bore people,” he will assert before he delivers a speech. Firmly believing that “people remember best what they have enjoyed most,” David has delivered action-packed, memorable talks, seminars, and keynotes to various organizations, institutions, and corporations across 151 cities in 42 countries.

David Thirmur | Global Keynote Speaking Countries

If you’ve not seen David at a live event at some point in your life, you are missing out on something remarkable. Honestly, go attend one of his events. He might just change your life.

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Celebrity Business Owner, USA

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