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Evidence-based Executive & Leadership Coaching that delivers proven results

No amount of Management will amount to Leadership

David Thirumur

Business Consultation

Why does leadership fall short?

So-called modern leadership claims to empower but, in many cases, is still just a dressed-up version of hierarchical authority and command-and-control structures.

Leadership is not a form of management.

It is something fundamentally different

in its nature. Therefore good leadership is not about doing things better, it's about doing things differently.

Management focuses on the game.

Leadership focuses on the players.


It's time for a paradigm shift. 

Inclusive, agile, and purpose-driven leadership is the name of the game, prioritizing a culture of trust and psychological safety, focusing on the goal not the details and creating an environment where people can thrive.

The Modern Leadership Paradigm

Top-down or bottom-up?


I believe that better results come from inner transformation that is driven by goals but borne in values.

In my Executive Coaching approach, I aim not to help "fix problems" but to make the shifts that result in better performance through alignment of purpose.

The 7 steps we follow are designed to bring about that shift, while focusing on the areas that are most important.















The Pillars

The Coaching Role

Executive Presence

Management Systems

Pinnacle Leadership

Mastering Flow



Investing in executive coaching can transform the landscape of your professional life and the long-term trajectory of your career and business, accelerating your success

Optimized Focus & Energy

Coaching sharpens your ability to prioritize tasks and enhance productivity, while teaching you to manage stress and achieve a fulfilling work-life balance. You'll operate at peak performance and make the most of your time and energy.

Effective Strategy & Systems

Strengthen your strategic thinking and decision-making skills with coaching, enabling you to optimize systems and processes for a more agile and resilient organization. Stay ahead of the competition and drive your company toward success.

Balanced Leadership

By developing your self-awareness and emotional intelligence, coaching empowers you to become a balanced leader who can inspire and motivate your team, foster collaboration, and resolve conflicts effectively. You'll create an environment where everyone can thrive.


Coaching helps you align your personal and professional aspirations, fostering a purpose-driven approach that positively impacts your organization's culture. Engage your team, attract top talent, and achieve long-term success by operating with a clear sense of purpose.

David is an exceptional coach. He is highly trained and has a wealth of information about his expertise. Very passionate and to say he is inspiring is an understatement. The more I got to know him, the more I opened up. Every time I shared my struggles, he never made me feel ashamed or even judged me. I felt safe in his presence. He also backs up his inspiration and practical advise with stories and often psychological case studies. He has been a god send. Highly recommend him.

Edward Munoz

Celebrity Coach and Speaker, PA, USA

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