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Transformational Life Coach & Leadership Speaker

Having already spoken a combined audience of over 400,000 people in 151 cities across 42 countries, David Thirumur is beginning to leave his mark on the world. With a commanding stage presence, captivating style, powerful message, and insatiable desire to help each person he meets to succeed, David is well on his way to achieving his mission of transforming a million lives across 100 countries.

There are no unachievable goals; only unactionable plans.

David Thirumur

Meet David Thirumur | Transformational Coach and Keynote Speaker

My Passion

David Thirumur is immensely passionate about people and about making a difference in their lives. He firmly believes that every human being is designed for greatness. To this end, he empowers people through helping them discover their unique purpose in life, and to let go of and overcome anything that stands in the way of that goal. This enables them to have a happy, successful and productive future—allowing them to use the fulfilment of their goals to become a dynamic and positive force for good in their communities.

“It is my deep rooted belief that people are awesome” says David. “Stored up within each soul is potential that can change the world if it is only released. Each person can make as big an impact on this earth as Albert Einstein, George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, Richard Branson, and the hundreds of others that the world looks up to and admires.

David constantly challenges those he comes across to discover their purpose and live it. “There’s no glory in carrying your potential to the grave with you,” he says. “It’s sad how the richest place in the world is the graveyard. Imagine all the world changing ideas and potential that is buried there! Who knows where the human race would be at the moment if each person lived the way they had the potential to?”

David Thirumur | Keynote Speaker Media
David Thirumur | Speaking Message

My Message

David’s main work with people is getting them to re-evaluate their mindsets and examine the negative patterns in their thinking and reasoning that hold them back. “Every action springs from an emotion which is caused by a thought that springs from a paradigm in our heads” says David. “Most of the stuff we believe about ourselves and about life isn’t true. And so I’m not here to tickle your ears. I’m here to challenge your way of thinking and make you evaluate everything you’ve ever believed to see what holds you back from living the life you were designed for.”

My Inspiration

David’s inspiration comes from both his life and the life of his father. His father, Thirumur Ramesh, is involved with a number of charity and social projects around India. It was through seeing his father influence the lives of numerous Deaf and Underprivileged people on a daily basis that he came to realise that there was no limit to what people could accomplish if they believed that they could.


In addition, when facing some troubled years as a teenager, David was given needed support from certain peers and mentors that believed in him and gave him the strength to pull through. Having emerged wiser and stronger from the difficulties, David pledged to do the same for others. He determined at the beginning of his career that his focus in life would always be to help others overcome life’s difficulties and to grow into their God-given potential. As such, David lives out this life goal in every day of his life.

David Thirumur | Inspiration
David Thirumur | Giving Back Philanthropy

My Giving Back

David is also a passionate social entrepreneur and helps regularly with projects for education and care for the Elderly. He helps to oversee the running of a preschool for underprivileged children in Hyderabad in order to give the children of low-income families a better chance at a successful future. He also is a leader and an active participant in the “Adopt a Grandparent” movement that brings happiness and cheer to Old Folks Homes across India.


He also helps to conduct weekly motivational leadership sessions for the Deaf. More recently, he has become involved in educating young social entrepreneurs in different countries in Africa.

My Recognition

David’s work has been well received and has earned him accolades from various places. In 2015, he was recognised for his excellence in Youth Training by EOTrainings Pvt. Ltd. in Washington D.C.


In 2018, he received recognition for his dynamic speaking abilities from the Dale Carnegie Institute in New York. Also in 2018, he was named the “Keynote Speaker of the Year” and “Leadership Coach of the Year” in the state of Telengana, India.

David Picture | Awards Recognition



Won “Young Performer of the Year” from India’s “Children’s Film Festival”.


Won “Young Performer of the Year” from India’s “Children’s Film Festival” for the second year in a row.


First ever speaking event: a leadership seminar for 120 High School students in Hyderabad, India


First international speaking events: awareness campaigns for young people in Italy and France.


Associate headline speaker of the “Achievers” tour that conducted leadership workshops for high school students across South India.


Founded the “World Changers Club”—a weekly meet-up for working professionals in Bangalore, India. Through music, workshops, discussions, and counseling sessions, we helped them to overcome challenges in life and to get involved in making a difference in the lives of others through social endeavors.


Launched the first “Connect Retreat”—a motivational and spiritual Retreat to help people dis-connect from their busy lives and re-connect to the things that are important to them.


Created and launched “X-Factor Teachers” – a teacher training course to help teachers become more professional at their jobs and more proficient at understanding children.


Launched “Just for Smiles”—a social club for young people that provided a dynamic approach to changing the world through personal empowerment and creative activism.


Co-founded “Enriched Generation”—a company focused on providing creative learning experiences to teenagers across India.


Associate headline speaker of the “iPower” tour that conducted leadership workshops for young professionals across seven cities in India.


Headlined first international speaking tour: "Heart Talk" events in the USA and the UK.


Associate headline speaker of the “It's in Me” speaking tour that conducted purpose-driven workshops for individuals in  Nashville, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Chicago.


Awarded for "Youth Training Excellence" by EOT Trainings, USA.


Launched the “Be the Hero” event—a high-powered transformational event focused on giving people breakthroughs in their lives. Headlined this event in India, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Germany, and Italy.


Launched the “Be the Change” event—a three day workshop to train social entrepreneurs in effecting change in society. Headlined this event in India and Nepal. 


Launched “ENVision”—An Entrepreneur coaching platform set up for mentoring entrepreneurs and start-up companies in all areas pertinent to their success. Ran incubator programs across India and Nepal.


Joined the coaching panel of the “Catalyst Apprentice Program”—a mentorship incubator for social entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Zimbabwe.


Launched the “Training the Leaders of Tomorrow” event—a three day leadership development workshop to raise up a new generation of leaders. Headlined this event in India, Singapore, Thailand, England, USA, Wales, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, and Nepal.


Launched the “Perspective Retreats”—an exclusive Retreat for business executives to step away from their work to refresh their perspective and renew their vision. Conducted first Retreats in Singapore and in San Marino.


Awarded: "Trainer of the Year" by Dale Carnegie, NY


Awarded: "Keynote Speaker of the Year" by Evolve Excellence, India


Awarded: "Leadership Coach of the Year" by the Government of Telengana


Launched the “Make a Difference” event—a three day event to equip individuals with the tools required to make a difference in the world. Headlined this event in India, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Romania, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Dubai, Jordan, and Turkey.


Headlined the "Purpose Tour" event from January - February in Dubai, Romania, Moldova, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, and Finland. 


Launched the "Thrive in Quarantine" webinar series through the pandemic. Conducted over 100 online events for audiences from across 45 countries.


Returned to "in-person" events in November with two Perspective Retreats in Italy and India.


Launched "The Rebound" event to help individuals to effectively transition from the pandemic back to normal life. Headlined these events across Sweden, France, Spain, and India. 


Partnered with ProProfs Training International to make management training courses available globally.


Conducted the "Tour of Hope" across France, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Italy, Spain, Scotland, and India.

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