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What do you want to do with your life?

If you could: be anything, do anything, and accomplish anything; what would you be, do, and accomplish?

If money was no obstacle and you had complete financial freedom, what would you be doing?

I am sure that it would be something amazing!

In fact, let us unpack that dream together and find out how to make it a reality!

Best practices are good practices that are sustained

David Thirumur

David Thirumur | Dream Life Coaching

The Canyon

Picture yourself standing on the edge of a cliff looking over a large and deep canyon. On the other side of the canyon is a beautiful and lush place that looks ever so appealing to you. You are at the edge of the cliff and you can’t go any further, yet you want to get across.

This is where Dream Coaching comes in. You are where you are now. Across to the other side are your dreams and hopes. And yet there seems to be something(s) that keeps you from crossing over to the other side. Dream Coaching helps you “build a bridge” over that canyon to the other side. We believe in helping you to get from where you are to where you want to go.

Best of all, the whole process is focused on YOU! You determine what you need, and each of the sessions is centered around helping you figure out your own path to success in a way that can be sustained and carried on by you.

We wanted to explain a bit of the process that we follow in our coaching. If you turn this paper over, you will see a model that we follow through our coaching sessions.


1. Awareness

We help you to become aware of where you are at the moment.

3. Vision

We help you to visualise your goal and target, as well as to get a desire and motivation to strive towards it.

5. Obstacles

We help you to identify inner obstacles (mindsets) and outer obstacles (lifestyle) that stand in the way of you being successful in your pursuit of change.

7. Outcomes

We help you to find out how to accommodate your new success within a new lifestyle so your success is lasting and you don’t revert back to old habits and ways.

2. Assessment

We help you take stock of what has got you into the place that you are in now and assess where you would like to go from here.

4. Strategy

We help you to identify what options and opportunities are available to you and to come up with a plan for how to accomplish your vision and achieve your goal.

6. Action

We help you determine doable steps towards your dreams, as well as act as a measure to help you determine whether or not you are making progress.

Core to all these things is our four values: Live, Love, Lead, and Legacy.


The final outcome of our coaching should lead you to be living a life that you love and your actions should be leading you towards the fulfilment of your dreams and, once you succeed, you can build a legacy by helping others to discover their dreams as well.

David is an exceptional coach. He is highly trained and has a wealth of information about his expertise. Very passionate and to say he is inspiring is an understatement. The more I got to know him, the more I opened up. Every time I shared my struggles, he never made me feel ashamed or even judged me. I felt safe in his presence. He also backs up his inspiration and practical advise with stories and often psychological case studies. He has been a god send. Highly recommend him.

Edward Munoz

Celebrity Coach and Speaker, PA, USA

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